HPM Grease Licensing Program

Benefits of the High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Program

Grease Manufacturers and Marketers 

  • The new HPM certification and enhanced performance tags (improved water resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) allow grease users to easily identify and understand that your product has passed the proven performance testing required by the program.
  • Because this is a new performance standard and program, early adopters will enjoy the enhanced marketing benefits from initial consumer awareness planned for in the coming months.
  • The HPM program will be promoted to equipment manufacturers, grease specifiers and maintenance personnel through awareness campaigns in order to create interest and demand for products certified in the HPM Grease Program.  

Equipment Owners / Grease Users 

  • HPM provides a means to eliminate downtime and reduce operating costs by ensuring that you use a grease certified to a high-performance multiuse HPM grease certification.
  • The HPM Grease Program ensures availability of high-performance grease products for the grease user and the program’s auditing process ensures that the products can meet the performance standards. 
  • The HPM performance specification instills confidence in your selection of a grease for your maintenance needs.
  • HPM can streamline your options by standardizing, simplifying and consolidating your inventory.
  • Selecting the right grease and performing preventative maintenance reduces overall cost of ownership and extends equipment life. 
  • The HPM Grease Program certification provides you with a means to easily identify greases that meet the HPM performance requirements.  It provides you with the knowledge and product availability to properly care for your equipment which is very important to the HPM Grease Program. Since the HPM certification is new for 2021, we do not expect equipment manufacturers to immediately call out the HPM specification, but Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can utilize the HPM certification when recommending greases in the future. 
  • The additional HPM classification tags such as Water Resistance (+WR), Improved Corrosion Resistance (+CR), High-Load carrying (+HL) and Low Temperature (+LT) help you weed through the marketing claims to make your selections easier when a grease is required to perform beyond normal operating conditions.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Grease Specifiers

  • Helping your customers select the right grease to perform preventative maintenance reduces your customers’ overall cost of ownership and extends equipment life. OEMs and those specifying greases for applications can reference the HPM grease specification and ask suppliers to have their grease products certified for use.
  • For specialized applications (e.g., steel mills), the HPM grease specification may not be the right specification for your application.  However, OEMs can utilize the HPM specification for applications where high-performance grease is required.  OEMs and grease specifiers can use the HPM grease specification as a foundation on which to build.

If you are an OEM and would like to utilize the HPM trademarks, please contact us.