Licensing Programs

FCA ATF+4® Licensing Program

FCA US LLC established a licensing program for its advanced synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, ATF+4® in 2005. This program allows ATF+4 to be made available at retail outlets and through independent repair facilities for Chrysler®, Jeep® and Dodge vehicle automatic transmissions.

Licensing ATF+4 product allows millions of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge owners to receive transmission fluid that is designed exactly for their vehicle. Using ATF+4 ensures a longer transmission life with regular servicing as described in the vehicle owner's manual.

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TOP TIER™ Licensing Program

TOP TIER™ is recognized as a premier fuel performance specification developed and enforced by leading automotive and heavy duty equipment manufacturers. The intention is to create a winning situation for retailers, auto manufacturers and drivers.

Vehicle and equipment manufacturer sponsors have a specification by which they can drive market fuel improvements to meet the ever changing demands of engine technology when regulations or specifications may not go far enough.

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