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ExxonMobil Launches Dual Certified Product With HPM And Water Resistance Enhancement Tag, NLGI, December 2021


The electric vehicle grease industry find its bearings, Dr. Nancy McGuire, Contributing Editor, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, November 2021


Molykote By Dupont Launches High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Product, NLGI, October, 2021

NLGI Specifications Meet Special Needs, Anuj Mistry, Fuchs Lubricants Co., Efficient Plant, October

Shell Launches First Product Dual Certified with HPM and GC-LB Grease Certifications, NLGI, October 19, 2021

Myths About Lubricating Grease, Chuck Coe of Grease Technologies, LLC, Machinery Lubrication, September/October 2021


New and in-service grease testing, TLT Cover Story, September 2021


How the NLGI HPM specification facilitates grease selection, Dr. Gareth Fish, Plant Engineering, August 2021

Multipurpose Does Not Mean All-purpose, Wes Cash, Noria Publication, Machinery Lubrication, August 2021

Selecting the Right Grease for Pumping Systems, Greg Morris, Shell, Pumps & Systems, August 2021


Webinar for Asian Lubricants Industry Association highlighting HPM, Video of HPM FAQ session with Joe Kaperick, Chuck Coe, and others, July 2021

Castrol Launches First NLGI Certified HPM Grease in the Market, F&L Asia, July 2021

Grease Test Methods, by Chuck Coe of Grease Technologies, LLC, July 2020


Factor Grease Into Asset Reliability, Podcast with C. Chichester, Technical Co-Chair of NLGI, Efficient Plant, June 2021

Certified Greases Advance Reliability, Efficient Plant, June 2021

What's different about grease?, Plant Engineering, June 2021


HPM grease standard: Are you performance-ready?, Peter Pether, Afton Chemical, Lube Magazine, April 2021

Grease Specification Helps Protect Assets, Efficient Plant, April 2021

NLGI Webinar - Overview of New HPM Grease Standard, Joe Kaperick, Afton Chemical, April 2021


NLGI's HPM Specification Details, March 2021

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