International Fluids Consortium (IFC)

OEMs are designing new and innovative vehicle technology faster than ever before in response to consumer expectations, government regulations, and advancements in available technology. Fluids are a critical component in supporting the evolution of vehicles. The International Fluids Consortium (IFC) assists this innovation by establishing and maintaining global fluid standards that keep pace with automotive advancements. Together, we are paving the way for the high-performance vehicles of tomorrow by ensuring advanced fluid performance today.

Licensing and Certification Program

Licensing and Certification
Program Benefits
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Collaborative approach utilizes industry expertise and resources more efficiently

Provides more rapid and flexible response to new vehicle technology

Global focus improves consistent quality and availability of proper fluids worldwide

Advancements in fluid technology are encouraged

OEMs are designing new and innovative vehicle technology faster than ever before. This places a greater emphasis on vehicle fluids, which are a critical component in supporting the evolution of vehicles. Fluid technology must keep pace with vehicle technology to maintain momentum towards the future.

IFC was founded to improve the industry specification process. Up until IFC, industry specifications have been regionalized, with progress reliant on group consensus across multiple segments of the industry. This process fosters duplication and inefficiencies. Disenfranchised OEMs have separated from the industry, creating individual OEM specifications and further fragmenting the industry.

IFC changes this by simplifying the fluid specification development and maintenance process. OEMs define the fluid needs for their vehicles and drive the specification development process, collaborating heavily with industry partners to develop fluid technology. Having OEMs lead fluid specification development streamlines and globalizes the process.

Membership in IFC is open to all industry participants interested in collaborating on fluid specification development and supporting consortium activities. Members include vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 OEM suppliers, and industry partners involved in the development, production, and support of vehicle fluids.

Specification development and other activities are carried out through technical committees. All IFC members may participate on one or more Technical Committees, encouraging full engagement with the industry.


Many of the industry’s leading companies have joined the IFC and are quickly making advanced fluid technology standards a reality. Join the team making tomorrow’s possibilities a reality.