International Fluids Consortium (IFC)

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OEMs are designing new and innovative vehicle technology faster than ever before. Fluids are a critical component in supporting the evolution of vehicles and vehicle evolution is driven by consumer demands, government regulations, and advancements in available technology. The evolution also places a greater emphasis on the vehicle fluids. More is expected and needed with performance, capability, timeliness, and dependability. Fluid technology must keep up with vehicle technology or progress will be hindered.

The International Fluids Consortium (IFC) is a not-for-profit organization and its focus is three-fold: 1) developing and maintain fluid specifications for proper vehicle performance 2) promoting the global awareness, availability, and use of approved fluids and 3) managing a sustainable program for certifying, auditing, and easily identifying tested and approved fluids. The IFC creates a beneficial relationship between the OEMs and industry participants, providing the consumer with certified products which are easier to identify and enhance the total vehicle ownership experience.