International Fluids Consortium (IFC)

IFC Benefits

By Vehicle Manufacturers. For Vehicle Owners.

IFC Benefits

Vehicle manufacturers know the engine and internals of your vehicle from the day it started in the design room. Through the IFC, these same manufacturers will set the performance specification for fluids used in serving your vehicle.

Benefits to the Consumer
Identify the correct fluid.

The fluids certified by the IFC will carry the IFC trademark which helps consumers identify the correct fluid and eliminates the guesswork when servicing their vehicle, instead of digging through the fine print. By using the correct products when servicing your vehicle, the vehicle ownership experience and vehicle performance are enhanced. Additionally, fuel and oil use are optimized over the life of the vehicle, contributing to reduced maintenance and total cost of ownership for the vehicle owner. Benefits extend beyond the consumer to industry participants and vehicle manufacturers.

Affiliate Membership Benefits
Consolidates industry resources.

IFC encourages fluid innovation among industry participants with a focus on consumers who will use the fluid. A streamlined process for setting performance standards allows for technical participation by industry affiliate members, which will accelerate the commercialization of the fluids. OEMs are increasingly global, the IFC consolidates limited industry resources and reduces the fragmentation of individual specifications.

OEM Member Benefits
Optimize fluid technology and performance. Improve vehicle innovation. Harmonize globally.

OEMs are able to communicate more clearly through the IFC with the aim of increasing fluid performance while improving vehicle innovation. OEMs are better able to harmonize fluids globally and align improvements in fluid technology to the vehicle manufacturing timelines. The result of this collaboration is improved fluid quality and elimination of duplicate of work throughout multiple regions. The IFC aims for a self-sustaining program to continuously develop future fluid specifications for vehicles.

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