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While grease users and consumers are familiar with the internationally recognized GC-LB performance classification and certification mark first published in 1989 for automotive chassis and wheel bearing applications, the HPM Grease certification provides a means to easily identify greases that meet the HPM performance requirements. The HPM mark provides the grease user with knowledge and product availability as a first step to properly care for equipment, which is very important to the HPM Grease Program.

If a certified HPM grease is appropriate for broader set of applications, it may reduce the number of greases needed in inventory, so inventory can be better managed and there is less opportunity to grab wrong grease out of the stock.

The goal of the HPM Grease program is to provide a level of confidence in selecting the right grease for applications where a high-performance grease is required.

How to Identify Certified HPM Greases

Identify grease

The High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Certification Program is designed for greases used in various lubricating applications. Although not suitable for all applications, NLGI’s HPM grease specification is designed to ensure a high level of performance for many different applications (multiuse), such as the following:

Conveyor Bearings • Hinges • Electric Motor Bearings • Ball Screws • Pillow Block Fan Bearings • Rollers • Thrust Bearings • Rolling Element Bearings • Industrial Gearbox Bearings • Presses • Pump Bearings • Plain Bearings • Winches • Bushings • Linear Bearings

The HPM certification and enhanced performance tags above allow grease users to easily identify and understand that products have passed the proven performance testing required by the program.

The HPM Core specification offers additional performance through sub-categories such as:

  • HPM + WR (Water Resistance)
    The HPM+WR Specification includes tests intended to demonstrate an increased level of performance over the HPM core Specification in wet or water wash environments.

  • HPM + CR (Salt-Water Corrosion Resistance)
    The HPM+CR Specification includes tests intended to demonstrate improved corrosion resistance over the HPM core Specification in saltwater environments.

  • HPM + HL (High Load)
    The HPM+HL Specification includes tests intended to demonstrate improved load carrying capability over the HPM core Specification.

  • HPM + LT (Low Temperature)
    The HPM+LT Specification includes tests intended to demonstrate improved low temperature performance over the HPM core Specification.

Specification Testing Explained

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