HPM Grease Licensing Program

Knowledge Center for Grease Manufacturers

Five Step Process
Once registration is complete, you will be presented with the website page below where you can download the necessary documents. Here are the five steps to registering your grease to receive the HPM certification:

  1. Grease Manufacturer or Marketer submits the Product Approval Application (HPM03), even if you are applying to Rebranding a grease manufactured by a Private Label Manufacturer.
    1. Submit your product’s data in the application to show compliance with the HPM Grease Specification.
    2. Rebrand applications must include a Supplier Affidavit (HPM04)
  2. Submit the Sample Submission Form (HPM05) along with your qualification sample.
  3. Payment Details can be found in the License Agreement (HPM02) as well as on the invoice you receive from CQA
  4. Complete and sign the NLGI License Agreement (HPM02).
  5. Additional Brands and Rebrands are registered on the Brand Name Application (HPM07)

Cost Structure for Licensing Program
There are several cost structures depending on your position as a member, nonmember, or Rebrander.
Member Pricing

Guidelines for Rebranders
A Rebrander is defined as a grease marketer who purchases a finished grease from a private label grease manufacturer and rebrands it for resale. A grease marketer will need to submit a Supplier Affidavit (Form HPM04) to document the supplier relationship with the private label manufacturer. The marketer must be a NLGI corporate member in order to receive the Rebrander pricing structure for their products. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Rebrander process.