HPM Grease Licensing Program

Licensed HPM Brands

For the best High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) grease, select HPM certified greases. The HPM Grease Certification Program ensures that certified greases meet or exceed the High-Performance Multiuse grease specification requirements. Licensed HPM brands undergo rigorous qualification testing initially and 'blind' field testing using independent laboratories to ensure they meet the HPM specification and the quality you expect.

Please contact us to report unauthorized use of the HPM trademark by non-licensed brands. If you do not see a specific product name listed in the table, the product is not an HPM licensed product.

Registered Branded Product Supplier CORE Corrosion Resistance Water Resistance High Load Low Temperature
Acinol 152 HQS (US) – All Colors Axel Americas +WR +LT
652 HQ (US) - All Colors
Axel Americas CORE+ +LT
Castrol Tribol™
GR SW 460-1
BP Lubricants USA, Inc. CORE+ +CR +HL +LT
Castrol Molub-Alloy 860/460-1 ES BP Lubricants USA, Inc. CORE
Gadus® S3 V220C 2 Shell CORE+ +HL
LML Lithium Complex Grease Loadmaster Lubricants, LLC CORE+ +WR
Mobilgrease XHP™ 222 ExxonMobil Oil Corporation CORE+ +WR
MOLYKOTE® Multilub Synthetic High Performance Grease Molykote Specialty Lubricants CORE+ +LT
Cerulean Plus #2
Valvoline, Inc. CORE +WR +HL
Valvoline™ Extreme Red Valvoline, Inc. CORE