GPP Licensing Program

How to Become a GPP Licensee

Any organization involved in the manufacture, sale or marketing of fuel additive products is a candidate for the Gasoline Protection Program (GPP).  The GPP program defines a level of performance for gasoline additive products that is exclusive to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and administered by the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA). The GPP performance specification covers gasoline additive products formulated for use during normal operation and for storage. GPP certified additive products are approved for use with Ethanol-containing gasoline (E10 or lower).

Register Your Product Brand Top Tier Program

First Step

The first step is to request a licensing agreement.  Organizations interested in becoming licensed must submit a formulation approval application and qualification sample of their proposed formulation to CQA. Required testing includes physical and chemical testing. For more information on the testing completed and the specification levels, please contact us. When the applicant's qualification sample is approved, the applicant then submits a brand name application, the “NMMA certified” logo art file is provided, and product brand labels are submitted for approval.

NMMA GPP Logo Official Gasoline Protection Program Logo

Upon completion of the process, “NMMA Certified” products are highlighted by NMMA and CQA on websites and/or printed materials. The NMMA certified Gasoline Protection Program™ recommendation will also be found in many engine manufacturer owner’s manuals.

Audits are conducted regularly to ensure certified products continue to adhere to the stringent quality standards set by the program. 


Costs associated with registering gasoline additive products in GPP are borne by the fuel additive manufacturer or marketer/rebrander. Please contact CQA for more specific details on the costs of participating in the GPP.