GPP Licensing Program

GPP stands for Gasoline Protection Program™. The GPP is a rigorous quality licensing program endorsed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). The program ensures that the products registered in the program adhere to high performance standards and are tested to certify that they meet or exceed all of the specifications of the standard. 

  • Products with the new NMMA GPP certified logo allows customers to identify and understand that your product has passed the proven performance testing required by the program. 

  • GPP certified products are recommended by the NMMA and will be in the owner’s manuals of many engine manufacturers. 

  •  NMMA connects with the recreational boating public and awareness campaigns will create interest and demand for products enrolled in the program.   

The program was initiated by the NMMA and its boat engine manufacturer members in response to an identified need and concerns with product quality in the marketplace. The program ensures additive products that meet the advanced GPP specification are readily available to consumers for use in the boat fuel systems and engines of these same engine manufacturers. 

The GPP is administered by the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA), a quality management and licensing firm. CQA registers suppliers, arranges testing, and monitors product quality throughout the supply chain. In addition, CQA performs audits of product performance, claims, and logo use to ensure that materials registered in the program continue to comply with the standard. 

Each Blender and Rebrander involved in the production and sale of GPP registered products must be licensed and undergo a range of product testing prior to final approval. All product labels on GPP registered product will show the GPP logo and logo use must be approved before appearing on product containers on the shelves. Logo guidance will be provided to licensees as they progress through the registration process. 

Public availability of registered products is anticipated for summer of 2020. Public announcements of the program will occur around the same time. Engine and boat manufacturers are encouraged to begin discussions prior to that with their dealership networks. 

Yes, there are costs associated with registering gasoline additive products. Costs are borne by fuel additive manufacturers or marketers who participate in the program. If you are a fuel additive marketer, please contact CQA  here  for specific details on the costs of participating in the GPP. 

Any manufacturer or marketer involved in the production and sale of GPP registered products must be licensed and undergo a range of product testing prior to becoming GPP registered. In addition, registered brand names are routinely audited to ensure that they meet the specification. This protocol ensures that the products are capable of meeting and maintaining the performance standards considered important to engine manufacturers. 

Timing will vary depending upon variables such as product and label compliance. However, the standard turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. 

Yes, for fuel additive marketers to maintain their GPP license and product registration they will need to submit production samples annually for compliance testing and renew their formulations, license, and brand registrations and pay associated fees. 

Once a formulation is approved, the manufacturer of the formulation may supply the same formulation to multiple OEMs or other fuel additive marketers. If the fuel additive manufacturer sells the approved formulation under multiple brand names, each individual brand name must be registered. 

Yes. Gasoline additive products will be routinely audited to ensure compliance with the specification. Audited products are purchased off the store shelves and/or requested from the manufacturer. Samples will then be blind coded and tested to ensure that they meet the standard. 

The suite of tests that will be performed on each formulation will measure oxidation, water uptake, corrosion, and metal content. For more specific information on these tests contact CQA  here

Consumer communications such as press releases and trade show exhibits will be rolled out over the spring season by the NMMA. Fuel additive marketer communications will be handled by CQA.  For guidance with communication materials, contact CQA  here  or contact NMMA at