General Motors dexos® Licensing Program

About the Licensing Program

The dexos® licensing program is administered by the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA).  The licensing program is a comprehensive approach to monitor adherence to GM’s quality standards through each step in the product life cycle from licensing to production to commercialization.  Oil manufacturers and marketers involved in the production and sale of dexos approved oils must be licensed.  Licensed products are registered, published, and routinely sampled to ensure consistent quality.

How to Become a Licensee

Prospective licensees may choose to pursue a dexos® license as a Blender or a Rebrander.

Licensed Blenders manufacture engine oil meeting the dexos® specification using previously approved additives and formulations obtained from additive suppliers. Currently there are four additive suppliers with approved dexos® formulations:  Afton Chemical, Chevron Oronite, Infineum and Lubrizol.  Contact an additive company representative for selecting the best formulation for you.

Licensed Rebranders purchase fully formulated dexos® oil from a licensed Blender and repackage the oil under their own brand name(s).

All prospective licensees must submit completed licensing documentation and a sample of the candidate oil to CQA for qualification testing.  Although the dexos® licensing process is comprehensive and thorough, CQA works closely with each applicant to make the licensing process a simple step in providing an officially approved dexos® oil to the marketplace.

Companies interested in becoming licensed to produce and market dexos® products should contact us for licensing procedures and forms.