General Motors dexos® Licensing Program

Specifically designed to meet the needs of GM gasoline engines

  • Improved viscometric properties, creating less friction in the engine, which contributes to improved fuel economy.
  • Resists aeration, which enables fuel-saving devices, such as Variable Valve Timing, to work optimally.
  • Offers improved protection against oxidation and deposits, allowing emission control systems to operate better.
  • Resists degradation between oil changes, extending the time and mileage interval between oil changes.

List of dexos1™ Brands

Specifically designed to meet the needs of GM light-duty diesel engines*

  • Protects diesel engines from harmful soot deposits.
  • Designed with limits on certain chemical components to prolong catalyst life and protect expensive emission reduction systems.
  • Resists degradation between oil changes and maintains optimum performance longer.

* dexos is recommended by GM for use in all its vehicles except those with Duramax diesel engines requiring the use of API CK-4 (or previous CJ-4) engine oil.  Always refer to the Owner's Manual for specific details on the recommended engine oil.

List of dexos2™ Brands