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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ATF+4® synthetic?

The use of “synthetic” in ATF+4® is not a definitive “yes” or “no” question. First it is important to understand how the term “synthetic” may be used. Advanced technologies in lubricant refining, such as hydrocracking, have made it possible to refine mineral oils to such a point that the mineral oils are technically regarded as synthetic oils and may legally be marketed as such. Therefore, lubricant marketers may use the term “synthetic”, “partially synthetic”, “synthetic blend”, “fully synthetic”, or some other terminology, when the base lubricant is derived from 100% synthetic materials, 100% highly refined mineral oil, or any combination thereof. So “synthetic” is really more of a marketing term than a statement of whether the base oil comes from man-made materials or mineral oil.

In regard to ATF+4®, these same refining technologies are employed, and various marketing terms are used in regard to their base oil make-up. The important factor is not so much how companies choose to use the term “synthetic” to market their lubricants, rather it is that ATF+4® has been formulated to meet the exact requirements of FCA (formerly known as Chrysler) transmissions. Only highly refined or man-made base oils that meet specific performance standards along with proprietary additives are qualified for use. All licensees’ products are carefully monitored and tested to ensure they meet the required specifications. With ongoing technological advances in vehicle engineering and the myriad of lubricant choices available, it is ever more important that licensing programs, such as ATF+4®, are in place to monitor product that reaches the marketplace so you, the consumer, may feel confident you are purchasing the appropriate product for your vehicle.

Can ATF+4® be used as a power steering fluid in my FCA (formerly known as Chrysler) vehicle that requires ATF+4® in the automatic transmission?

Yes, ATF+4® is the correct fluid to use for your transmission and power steering.

If an automatic transmission fluid (ATF) isn’t on the ATF+4® approved list but the bottle says it is “ATF+4”, or suitable for FCA or Chrysler vehicles, or suitable where ATF+4® is required, should I use it anyway?

No, only licensed ATF+4® products (with "ATF+4®" as part of the brand name and a valid license number on the back of the label) contain the unique formulation. Other look-alike products that claim to be suitable for use in FCA or Chrysler transmissions have not gone through FCA’s rigorous testing process, are not monitored for quality, and are not approved or recommended for use in FCA transmissions.

ATF+4® is a unique formulation that has been designed specifically to meet the exacting requirements of FCA transmissions. The fluid has gone through an extensive developmental and testing process, including more than one million miles of severe field testing. It is a high performance fluid that provides significant reduction in component wear, superior temperature performance, consistent shift quality, and exceptional friction modifying properties.

Can I mix licensed ATF+4® fluids as long as they are FCA (formerly known as Chrysler) licensed and approved?

Yes, as long as it is FCA licensed and approved ATF+4® (with "ATF+4®" as part of the brand name) and a valid license number is shown on the back of the label.

Does ATF+4® replace ATF+, ATF+2, ATF+3 and MS7176?

Yes, ATF+4® is backwards compatible to ATF+, ATF+2, ATF+3 and MS7176.

My mechanic didn’t use ATF+4® when changing my transmission fluid. What should I do?

To ensure you have removed most or all of the existing ATF, it is recommended that you perform a total of three (3) changes using ATF+4®. It is further recommended that you do not mix ATF+4® with another automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

I read that using an automatic transmission fluid (ATF) conditioner or additive with ATF+4® will enhance my vehicle’s performance. Do you recommend this?

No. Using an ATF conditioner is not recommended. If you have added a product to your ATF+4®, it is recommended that you drain the existing fluid and replace it with ATF+4®.

I have an older Chrysler vehicle (1999 and earlier), can I use ATF+4® in the transmission?

Yes, but please note that due to advances in transmission design, modern transmission fluids, including ATF+4®, contain detergents that are designed to clean seals and sediment that has built around them. If this is the first time switching your automatic transmission fluid it is recommended that you watch for leaks, or change your seals as a preventative measure.

Can I use ATF+4® in my FCA vehicle that has an 8/9 speed transmission?

No. Please consult your owner’s manual for the correct ATF or MOPAR ATF that is specifically designed for your vehicle.

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