FCA ATF+4® Licensing Program

Licensed ATF+4® Brands

For best performance and vehicle warranty compliance select only licensed ATF+4 for your Chrysler®, Jeep®, RAM, or Dodge® vehicle. Licensed ATF+4 brands undergo 'blind' field testing using independent laboratories to ensure you are receiving the right product for your vehicle.

Independent testing has shown that unlicensed products claiming ATF+4 compatibility do not meet FCA specifications. Use of non-licensed ATF brands may damage your vehicle or void your warranty. Please contact us to report unauthorized use of the ATF+4 trademark by non-licensed brands. If you do not see your brand listed here, it is not an ATF+4 licensed product.

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Brand Name Supplier Fluid Type Region
Amalie ATF+4® Amalie Oil Co. ATF+4® Global
AutoPride ATF+4® Valvoline ATF+4® Global
AutoZone ATF+4® AutoZone Parts, Inc. ATF+4® Global
Castrol Transmax ATF+4® BP Lubricants USA Inc. ATF+4® Global
CITGO Transgard ATF+4® CITGO Petroleum Corporation ATF+4® N.America
Coastal ATF+4® Warren Oil ATF+4® N.America
Country Tuff ATF+4® Orschelin Farm & Home ATF+4® N.America
Federated Auto Parts ATF+4® Federated Auto Parts ATF+4® Global
FRAM Full Synthetic ATF+4® CQ Sourcing, Inc. ATF+4® N.America
FVP ATF+4® FMP ATF+4® Global
Havoline ATF+4® Chevron Products Company ATF+4® N.America, S.America
LUBRITEK EVO ATF+4® Highline Warren LLC ATF+4® Global
MAG 1 ATF+4® Highline Warren LLC ATF+4® Global
Mobil ATF+4® Exxon Mobil Corporation ATF+4® N.America, S.America, Mexico
Mobil ATF+4® Exxon Mobil Corporation ATF+4® N.America
Mopar ATF+4® Chrysler Group LLC ATF+4® Global
Motomaster ATF+4® Motomaster Canada ATF+4® N. America
Motorlife ATF+4® Derco Colombia S.A.S. ATF+4® S. America
NAPA ATF+4® Valvoline ATF+4® Global
O'Reilly ATF+4® Ozark Automotive Distributors ATF+4® U.S.A.
O’Reilly ATF+4® Ozark Automotive Distributors ATF+4® Global
Parts Master ATF+4® Valvoline ATF+4® Global
Parts Master ATF+4® Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance ATF+4® Global
Parts Plus ATF+4® Valvoline ATF+4® Global
Pennzoil Platinum ATF+4® SOPUS Products ATF+4® Global
Petro-Canada ATF+4® Petro-Canada Lubricants, Inc. ATF+4® Global
Prime Guard ATF+4® Prime Guard ATF+4® Global
Proline ATF+4® Highline Warren LLC ATF+4® Global
Pronto ATF+4® National Pronto Association ATF+4® Global
(Quanhu) 全护 ATF+4® DFM Castrol ATF+4® China
Rallye ATF+4® Rallye Lubricants ATF+4® Global
Ravenol ATF+4® Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH ATF+4® Global
Sinclair ATF+4® Sinclair Oil Corporation ATF+4® Global
Starfire ATF+4® Highline Warren LLC ATF+4® Global
STP ATF+4® Best Parts Inc. ATF+4® Global
STP ATF+4® Pinnacle Oil ATF+4® U.S.A.
Super Tech ATF+4® Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. ATF+4® Global
Systm7 ATF+4® Highline Warren LLC ATF+4® Global
Tutela Transmission Force4 ATF+4® Petronas Lubricants International ATF+4® Global
Value Tech ATF+4® Value Tech ATF+4® Global
Valvoline ATF+4® Valvoline ATF+4® Global
Valvoline PRO ATF+4® Valvoline ATF+4® Global
Wolf's Head ATF+4® Wolf's Head Oil Company ATF+4® Global
XCEL ATF+4® XCEL Lubricants ATF+4® Global

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