GPP Licensing Program

Benefits of the NMMA Gasoline Protection Program™ (GPP)

Gasoline Additive Manufacturers

The NMMA is a revered name in the boating industry. Marketing your products with the new NMMA GPP certified logo allows customers to easily identify and understand that your product has passed the proven performance testing required by the program.

Because this is a new performance standard and program, early adopters will enjoy the enhanced marketing benefits from initial consumer awareness planned for the summer of 2020.

NMMA connects with the recreational boating public and awareness campaigns create interest and demand for products registered with the program.  

Two Boats

Boat Owners

The GPP certified Gasoline Protection Program™ logo provides boat owners with a means to easily identify products that are endorsed by the NMMA and its boat engine manufacturer members. Providing boat owners with the knowledge and product availability to properly care for their engines is of the utmost importance to the NMMA and its members. Visit for more information regarding the proper care of your boat!

Engine Manufacturers

The program ensures availability of high-performance additive products for boat owners and routine audits ensure that products are capable of meeting and maintaining the performance standards considered important to engine manufacturers. For more information visit the NMMA certification website here.