HPM grease standard: Are you performance-ready?

The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) GC-LB certification mark, an indicator of high quality grease for over 30 years, has been joined by a new set of High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) standards. OEMs demand ever-greater protection for their machines, while operators face pressure to improve profitability by reducing their total cost of ownership – including maintenance. This need to deliver on multiple fronts is what resulted in the High-Performance Multiuse grease standards. This article explores these new standards and how OEMs, formulators, marketers and additive companies will all need to work together to ensure their greases are performance-ready. Grease has been viewed as the most basic of lubricants and it has become time to acknowledge its ability to deliver real performance gains. Featured in the April 2021 addition of Lube Magazine. The full magazine can be found here – Lube Magazine, April 2021

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